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Testimonial By Jim Lillie, Homeowner  

"I have known and worked extensively with Joe and Frank Tomas over the last 15 years. Tomas Brothers Builders have always been thoughtful, innovative and responsive across our many projects. They have brought detailed planning, hands on attention and old world craftsmanship to each project we have worked on. As a CEO of a Fortune 500 business I have demanding expectations and I require on going even paced communication and creative problem solving. Joe and Frank bring a reservoir of problem solving skills, a significant rolodex of skilled and talented construction partners and a track record of on time and on budget performance. My confidence with them and the scope of projects we have worked on has crossed state lines and they have proven time and time again why I have not misplaced my trust in their company. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any size project."

Testimonial By Susan Wheeler, Homeowner 

"Joe and Frank! Thank YOU BOTH so much for doing such an amazing renovation for me in Fairfield. You walked in to a job that another contractor had “messed up” and took charge in such an empathetic and professional way. Your talent, design input, budget recommendations and project management skills were impressive and so very valued. It was a privilege to have you lead the efforts. You were there getting everyone set-up 7:45am and checked during the day and we would often meet at the end of the day which was very appreciated. You or Frank were available whenever I needed you! Your subs and contractors were speedy, efficient, skilled and cleaned up! The whole process was a pleasure and the results were more than I could have dreamed of. Thank you!  By the way with both my 700k house and my $4 mill house, you were the only electrician who could design my lighting plan as part of your overall service. What a Bonus! I endorse you 110%."  

Testimonial By Jean Studwell, Realtor 

"I trust Tomas Brothers Builders build a quality product and to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner.  Their work site is neat and their subcontractors are always polite. The finished homes are always such a pleasure to show because they are very well done and their thoughtful designer finishes are so magical. I'm proud to represent anything Tomas Brothers Builders!"

Testimonial By House Whisperers 

"I love that you both are open minded to new design ideas and always go several steps beyond the competition in quality and leading edge design. The design excellence, innovation and quality that you insist on in your new construction homes is unsurpassed. Looking at every house out there… your homes stand out and are always quite special. They are timeless and extraordinary. I love that Franks landscaping, stonewalls, and hardscape is superior due to Frank’s Landscaping expertise and talent.  Joe, I appreciate how meticulous you are. Your lighting is always upscale and gorgeous. Your old-word values and quality execution is a breath of fresh air - I am proud to represent the homes that you both deliver to the consumer. I can’t wait to see your next projects!"